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    The coronavirus outbreak has set to universities and drug companies a scenario that calls for effectiveness and urgency, as reiterated by governments and international organisations, in the approach to reduce the impact of the disease. While it’s known that drug development is naturally a long process to ensure the safety of the results, in parallel to daily actions implemented to reduce the number of infections, the development of coronavirus vaccines has been growing strong as lockdown day go by . As Bloomberg pointed out,

    In normal times, the process to approve a drug or vaccine is slow and painstaking. It can be accelerated but at the risk of incurring unforeseen harm. When rules are loosened in the desire to get a vaccine to market quickly, it’s important to cast a skeptical eye on too-good-to-be-true data.

    Would it be an option for COVID-19 awareness-raising campaigns to encompass the scientific conversation in regard to the vaccine development timelines? An emphasis on the fact that countless researchers are working on that, which is promising but not yet a reality, could assist in setting an idea of the dimension of the issue.  A problematic potential approach attached to this, however, could imprint fear and a sense of lack of control in the subject.

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