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      Hello everyone, I want to share with you my concern and doubts about what Brexit would cause regarding UK legislation, because I keep hearing that it will bring legislative chaos and, being not so expert on that, I would like to know your opinions.

      When the UK will leave the EU, obviously EU law won’t apply anymore to the UK, meaning that all the UK legal framework would have to come from UK law alone. But it seems not so easy, because of  the way in which EU is implemented at national level; in fact, withdrawing from it altogether would leave a legislative gap in UK legislation, which would need to be filled by implementing  at least a part of the existing EU law into the UK legal system, however absurd it may seem. Is it right? And considering UK legislative process, it is reasonable to think that the time needed to fill this gap would be at least 10 years?

      Thanks for helping me to figure this out 🙂


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