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      Elisa PerezElisa Perez
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      Hello everyone, today I’m here for a personal reason which I hope could be of interest to some of you.

      I am planning to made my final dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility. I am really into all that regards sustainability and a green future, so at the beginning I was thinking about ask the thesis to a Professor of “Energy Management”. However, after studying “International Agricultural Policy” I started to see it as a possible alternative.

      On one hand, the demand for energy is increasing worldwide, as well as an increasing pressure is put on the issue of climate change, making the energy sector key in our modern times. Companies in energy industry are more and more pushed to fit their CSR strategies to the pressures of the external contexts, energy being essential for social and economic development, both in the developed and developing countries.

      On the other hand, it is known that CSR can be applied in agriculture as a sustainable development tool. We also have the example of the Common Agricultural Policy by the EU; both CSR and the Common Agricultural Policy are included in the Europe 2020 Strategy. Applying Corporate Social Responsibility in agriculture would contribute to improving the image of farmers as perceived by stakeholders, as well as bringing notable economic, social and environmental benefits.

      And there it comes my doubt, so I’m looking for a piece of advice. What do you think is the most interesting point of view to address the topic and make a great dissertation?
      Thank you for all your inputs.

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      Elisa PerezElisa Perez
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      Dino GalinovicDino Galinovic
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      Hi Elisa,

      great way to reach out to people, and start the conversation. I think that your topic is great, and very relevant and important for our time. My dissertation and specialization were in health and environmental policies, so I also covered in some way energy sector.

      I think it would be really good if you put a focus on different national or international (EU) policies, policy tools and strategies that could lead to more effective investment in renewable energy sector/infrastructure that could, not only create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, but it could also significantly improve the efficiency and the quality of agricultural sector for example. And maybe use this framework to address the issue of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ when it comes to protecting the rights of farmers, small businesses, citizens, etc. Policies and regulations are very tricky because big corporations, even in energy sector, find a way to avoid the responsibility and get full advantage in every business endeavor.

      I hope this makes sense, but I am more than happy to discuss more about this with you. Even over virtual coffee 🙂


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      Elisa PerezElisa Perez
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      Thank you very much Dino, this is a good insight and something worth of a deeper analysis.

      The energy sector remains my first love and it is interesting to analyze its links with CSR and different sectors. I hope I will do a nice job, and maybe someday publish the abstract in 89 Connect’s Issues to have some feedback from this community.

      Virtual coffee would be a pleasure!

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      ylora yloraylora ylora
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