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      Maria Ludovica BozzoMaria Ludovica Bozzo
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      We currently are in the Water Week! So I started to realise that we mostly talk about water in relation to pollution these days, especially plastic pollution in our seas. Of course, this is a major issue that needs to be soon addressed, but water policy involves much more. What do you think are the most challenging issues about EU ‘s water policy?

      Just want to share with you this recently updated and detailed infographic that I found on the European Commission website: https://ec.europa.eu/environment/water/infographics.htm

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      Luka BeckerLuka Becker
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      Plastic waste is sure something to be addressed with strength, but water is endangered by many sources of pollution. We need the Control at Source Principle to be properly implemented to fight pollutants from the very access to our water systems and we need to ensure that polluters pay for what they are responsible for. Furthermore, climate change also impacts into the issue as it can threaten the water cycle and security.

      I’ve read that, in 2018, only 40% of our surface water bodies achieved good ecological status and that 25% of our ground water reservoirs showed contamination.

      I think we need a holistic approach at European, national and local level to address each challenge effectively. Policies should be coordinated, and citizens must be educated, because this situation will impact how everyone approach drinking and waste water treatment as well as the affordability of water services.


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