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European Horizons is a global, student-led policy incubator whose mission is to give young people a voice in shaping the future of Europe and transatlantic relations. We believe that in today’s increasingly polarized and divided world, the need for a novel perspective of the youth is more valuable than ever. The impact of the youth needs to reach beyond the responsibility as voters, and into the decision-making process of domestic and supranational institutions.

We equip our members with relevant tools, skill sets, and connections to amplify their voices in the political arena. European Horizons empowers the youth with policy-writing and leadership workshops, high-level conferences to incubate and share ideas, and a growing network of alumni and policy-makers. We further the reach of their impact by publishing independent research in the Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs (RETA) and other academic publications. We are committed to innovating and adjusting to changing realities in order to continue supporting and educating our members effectively.

Based on our values of inclusivity and diversity, we are dedicated to building an extensive network of university chapters around the world. Our 60+ chapters from California to Japan contribute to multifaceted perspectives and allow us to face our differences head on. They organize domestic and regional conferences and conduct academic research to enrich our understanding of today’s complex problems and help come up with innovative solutions.

Civil Society, NGOs
Academia, American Studies, Brexit, Civic Activism, Common Foreign and Security Policy, Common Security and Defence Policy, Entrepreneurship, European Studies, Euro, Eurogroup, Eurozone, European Commission, European Council, European External Action Service, European Parliament, European Single Market, European Social Policy, European Union, Euroscepticism

European Horizons is the very first credible initiative to establish a student-led policy incubator addressing some of the most pressing global issues of our time. By giving a voice to students coming from three continents, it is our ambition to provide a comprehensive blueprint addressing the full range of transatlantic and EU policy-related issues. Our interdisciplinary, non-partisan political approach is embedded in a wide range of initiatives, bringing the content of European Horizons into the realm of policy-making, media and research. Conceived both as a physical and virtual space for dialogue, our organization aims to guide the transatlantic debate by empowering the voice of the youth.

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The European Student Conference is an annual European Horizons event at Yale University that brings together 100 competitively selected students from universities across the United States, Europe and all over the world to discuss European politics.
European Horizons was first founded after the success of the first ever European Student Conference, hosted at Yale University in 2015. Since then, conferences have been at the center of our network. As a way of bringing students from around the world together, who all have a shared passion for the European Union and transatlantic relations, conferences are the key to fostering discourse and the exchange of ideas.
The student participants are joined at ESC by twenty dignitaries from politics, diplomacy, business, academia, and the media, who share their knowledge and expertise with the students in workshops and panel discussions.
Throughout the conference, the students craft policy papers that contain policy visions and strategies, which shed new light on European challenges in different key policy realms such as Democracy, National Sovereignty, Security, Energy, Technology and Internet Governance. The aim of the European Student Conference is for students to take on these challenges, by engaging in critical thinking and enriching discussion and debate.
We are especially grateful for the partnerships and supports of the European Parliament Liaison Office with the U.S. Congress and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.
In addition, this event is funded in part by the European Union and is under the patronage of the European Parliament.


In 2021 European Horizons is delighted to kick-off a new flagship policy case competition, centered around the theme of Urban Environmental Policy.
The European Horizons Policy Competition aims to bring together bright young minds with our municipal competition partners to ideate innovative policy solutions for urban settings. Drawing on a diverse pool of talented and dynamic young professionals, we hope to lend, via the policy competition, our collective expertise to predominant environmental policy challenges on a voluntary basis.
When: February 26-28, 2021.
Why: The pressing issues of today require innovative and forward-thinking solutions to realize a better tomorrow. Representing the global youth, we at European Horizons are determined to tackle these transnational challenges locally. While we have the knowledge and vision for positive impact, we require open-minded partners to hear, embrace, and implement our ideas.
What: During the 3-day policy competition participants will work in small teams to craft policy solutions based on a case study provided by our partner.

Other Events,

- Fall Policy Workshop 2020
This event is funded in part by the European Union and is under the patronage of the ERASMUS+ program.
On November 14-15th, 2020 students on three continents – Asia, Europe and North America, virtually gathered to attend the very first edition of the Fall Policy Workshop. The Fall Policy Workshop is conceptualized with the aim of enhancing participants' understanding of policy-making processes in a national and supranational policy arena and to advance their policy-writing skills. Participants had the opportunity to improve their policy-writing skills through workshops and seminars led by experienced professionals and lecturers from institutions such as King's College London and the Yale Jackson Institute.
The theme of this event revolved around migration and humanitarian affairs. Attendees were able to explore issues and develop policy solutions related to these topics in-depth over the course of the weekend and through their own research for their policy memos. With the workshop taking place across three continents, each with a regionally- focused keynote speech, the intention was to promote access and encourage our participants to put their newly acquired skills to future practical use. The most outstanding policy memo contributions were considered for a policy competition following the Fall Policy Workshop. In addition, European Horizons presented the most promising authors with the opportunity to participate in the official Legal Migration public consultation for the European Commission on behalf of the organization.

- European Fall Policy Convention FPC
In addition to our topical conferences on various subjects of the digital economy, EU integration and transatlantic relations, the European Fall Policy Convention FPC is a European networking and workshop event within the established framework of European Horizons.
The FPC is organized in cooperation with the Akademie Oetzenhausen (2019 Edition).
The FPC features workshops by European's most active Chapters and serves as a platform for planning Cross-Chapter-Events and joint projects for the following year.

- Leadership Retreats
The North American and European Leadership Retreats are a weekend of training, strategizing and bonding.
The goal of this retreat is to equip our EuH team with the knowledge and resources necessary to build involved and successful chapters.
We will share best practices, plan and coordinate cross-chapter activities, offer information about research and publication opportunities, and develop the think tank's strategy for the future. Beyond that, we will all share practical tips for fundraising, networking and event planning with each other, as well as train you in the use of our new European Horizons website and chapter platform.

- German Marshall Fund Conferences on International Security,
In April 2016 and 2017 European Horizons hosted two conferences on international security, hosted at the German Marshall Fund and the Atlantic Council respectively. These conferences discussed NATO, CDSP, humanitarian intervention, intelligence and more.

Jobs and Opportunities

We welcome skilled professionals eager to make a difference through the non-partisan innovative and non-profit research, publications and creation of commons in the field of European and Transatlantic Affairs.
If you feel you are one of those, contact us at

Research Associates

European Horizons is always looking for new active students and young researchers, passionate about European and Transatlantic Affairs.
Join us to explore new facets of trade, technology, security, foreign affairs, development from a fresh perspective and to develop joint policy project with our publications and policy portfolios’ team!
Find out more :

?? Join the 2020-2021 European Horizons Executive Board
✨ Apply to the Executive Board! We are looking for aspiring leaders to form a new Executive Board. European Horizons leadership program is a 1-year program offering a unique leadership opportunity to students and young professionals. We are looking for individuals who are good communicators, effective leaders, and problem-solvers, and committed team members. You will be a part of a mission-driven team, where you are expected to take charge, bring new ideas to the table, and execute them.

? To apply, you will simply need to fill out the Typeform application form below to the best of your ability. Make sure to have your most recent CV/Resume on hand while applying.
? If you have any questions about the positions or the recruitment process, please contact: or

✨ List of open positions: Executive Director - Deputy Executive Director - Director of Conferences (North America) - Director of Conferences (Europe and Asia) - Director of Chapters (North America) - Director of Chapters (Europe and Asia) - Director of Publications - Director of Sponsorships - Director of Public Relations - Director of Partnerships - Director of Alumni Network - Senior Treasurer - Director of Policy - Director of People and Culture

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