By Polis Analysis team

One of the most pressing issues facing mass media today is that content performance is more important than content quality. A media company may provide high-quality, accurate news, but this does not matter if their stories are not generating clicks and constant engagement. Unfortunately, sensationalised stories often perform better than fact-based ones because they grab consumers’ attention more efficiently. This encourages media organisations to publish stories that may not always be completely accurate or balanced.

Thus, today’s content relies heavily on the ability of news to provoke strong emotions and win over people’s hearts and minds with pieces that often obscure the truth at the expense of accuracy. To make matters worse, even younger generation feel disheartened by the sheer flood of fake news present on the Internet and may find it difficult to discern the truth in a sea of lie, despite being well-versed in technology. This is because the current media landscape – and the broader information landscape, for that matter – is filled with noise: sensationalised, inaccurate, or partisan stories that can be indistinguishable from quality analysis.

Gaining access to real facts rather than alternative facts has thus become a real challenge. For this reason, Polis Analysis is trying to bridge the gap between the impartial and the compelling by launching their paid subscriber service, Polis Patron. This exclusive service will provide high quality and fact-based, yet concise and relevant analysis that can be read or listened while on the go.

By launching this app, Polis Analysis seeks to take further its mission of making politics more accessible to young people. The emerging media company has already gained thousands of subscribers in over 75 countries and has a team of researchers and analysists that spans three continents and nine countries, which ensures a variety of perspectives from all over the globe. As a testimony to its success, 93 per cent of their readers feel that Polis Analysis helps them unpack today’s complex political landscape.

Ultimately, Polis Analysis’ broader goal is to individualise politics for young professionals by providing a wide range of content and regional coverage, while remaining committed to impartiality and fairness. Their news service will undoubtedly be a steppingstone in the battle against fake news.